Registry agents to help Albertans become organ and tissue donors |

Registry agents to help Albertans become organ and tissue donors |

Finally, we’re on the right path.

The Alberta government initially disappointed when it launched it’s new “organ and tissue” intent-to-donate registry. Fears instilled by process, lawyers, etc. prevented the launch of an purely online process for registering intent, as currently happens in other provinces in Canada, including Ontario and B.C. Instead, after registering online, you a required to then print off, sign (with a witness present) and mail or fax your form.

I’ve been on the front line of this movement in Alberta since the beginning (at least of this iteration — transplant surgeons have been fighting for changes to the way we manage our organ donation system, from the perspective of public buy-in, for over a decade).  I signed up online, but haven’t mailed in my registration yet. Two other close friends, also critical players supporting the movement to change Alberta’s current system, have registered, but not mailed in their forms.

It’s human nature (aka laziness? apathy?) — unless you make something as important as this as seamless and simple as possible, you will miss opportunities by the thousands.

So now, kudos to the GOA for moving forward to the next critical step in the process.  While its still not something you can do from home, in your pyjamas, on the couch, after binge-watching Orange is the New Black, it’s the next best thing.  The next time you go to a registry office, for whatever reason, you can ask the agent to add to your profile your wish that, should the worst possible thing imaginable happen to you, that you then want the best possible thing to happen for the family of someone who has been waiting a very long time for the gift of life – a new organ, or new eyes to see the world, or a myriad of other benefits that you could provide.

Register your intent to be an organ and tissue donor next time you’re in. It’s easy.


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